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Welcome back!

What a fantastic start to the new term! The children have been smiley, happy and delightful upon their return. It is great to finally start as headteacher at Crymlyn and I am looking forward to working with you all to provide the best learning and social environment for your children.

The staff have been wonderful and it is a pleasure to see how caring and supportive they are when working with the children in the school. The atmosphere in the school really does show a true community spirit. I am delighted be part of it and look forward to driving forward the school in the coming years.

For those that drop off and collect at the gate, please feel free to come and introduce yourself. I am slowly getting to know names of the children, so forgive me as I learn them all. I will be seeking some feedback from parents and carers over the coming weeks as I learn more about the school and its community.

Moving forward, the staff are working hard at implementing the new Curriculum for Wales, and our first concept/theme is linked to ‘changes’; teachers will share some information about this in the coming weeks.

One thing that I am passionate about is the development of reading and this will be a big focus of mine and the school’s this year. Reading can unlock the power of learning and it is essential that we support ALL pupils to become better readers. For this to happen though, we need your support at home to consolidate and value the importance of reading. Listening to your child read 5 to 10 minutes a day can add so much value to the work we do in school.

Another area that I am passionate about is the opportunity for pupils to experience a wide variety of opportunities, whether it be academic, drama, dance, sports, music or arts. I will be looking at providing as many opportunities as possible for pupils to take part in various activities. Obviously budget constraints and pupil numbers are factors, but where possible, we find a way get back to doing things following the recent pandemic.

Thank you for taking time to read this post, I look forward to meeting you all over the coming weeks.


Mr Clement, Headteacher

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