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Upcoming PTA events

Dear parents and carers,

Last week the PTA met for the first time since pre-covid and discussed a number of fantastic ideas for the forthcoming year at Crymlyn Primary. Three of these things are upcoming and I am delighted to share with you posters for each of them.

  • Bath Christmas Market Trip (3rd December – £10 deposit payable at the school office)
  • Halloween Disco (Thursday 27th October)
  • Pre-loved Uniform Shop (Friday 21st October)

We hope you can join in and support the PTA over these events, they do a fantastic job of promoting events for children and also play an important part in fundraising for school development and opportunities for pupils at the school.

Thank you, diolch.

Menu Change

Due to the bank holiday on Monday, the school dinner menu will change for next week. Monday’s dinner (pizza), will be served on Tuesday in place of the pie. From Wednesday, the menu will remain unaltered.

Monday – Bank Holiday

Tuesday – Pizza

Wednesday – Crispy breaded chicken

Thursday – Turkey dinner

Friday – Fish

Thank you

Mr Clement

Welcome back!

What a fantastic start to the new term! The children have been smiley, happy and delightful upon their return. It is great to finally start as headteacher at Crymlyn and I am looking forward to working with you all to provide the best learning and social environment for your children.

The staff have been wonderful and it is a pleasure to see how caring and supportive they are when working with the children in the school. The atmosphere in the school really does show a true community spirit. I am delighted be part of it and look forward to driving forward the school in the coming years.

For those that drop off and collect at the gate, please feel free to come and introduce yourself. I am slowly getting to know names of the children, so forgive me as I learn them all. I will be seeking some feedback from parents and carers over the coming weeks as I learn more about the school and its community.

Moving forward, the staff are working hard at implementing the new Curriculum for Wales, and our first concept/theme is linked to ‘changes’; teachers will share some information about this in the coming weeks.

One thing that I am passionate about is the development of reading and this will be a big focus of mine and the school’s this year. Reading can unlock the power of learning and it is essential that we support ALL pupils to become better readers. For this to happen though, we need your support at home to consolidate and value the importance of reading. Listening to your child read 5 to 10 minutes a day can add so much value to the work we do in school.

Another area that I am passionate about is the opportunity for pupils to experience a wide variety of opportunities, whether it be academic, drama, dance, sports, music or arts. I will be looking at providing as many opportunities as possible for pupils to take part in various activities. Obviously budget constraints and pupil numbers are factors, but where possible, we find a way get back to doing things following the recent pandemic.

Thank you for taking time to read this post, I look forward to meeting you all over the coming weeks.


Mr Clement, Headteacher

Curriculum Summary

Curriculum Summary

Crymlyn Primary School

At Crymlyn Primary School, every child is valued as an individual and we encourage them to have a positive attitude towards learning whilst playing an active part in school life, promoting ambition and independence. This will enable the pupils to grow and develop essential skills including literacy, numeracy, and digital competency.

We have high expectations of all our pupils and aim for pupils to realise the four purposes and integral skills through our curriculum creating real-life authentic learning experiences wherever possible.  This, in turn will motivate pupils to become lifelong learners who are ready to play a full part in life and work whilst being a valued member of society in Wales and beyond.

To enable us to meet these aims, we have consulted with stakeholders and our pupils to find out what our pupils need in our Crymlyn Primary School curriculum.

Our curriculum uses the ‘what matters’ statements and descriptions of learning from the six Areas of Learning and Experiences which are identified to be taught, consolidated, and extended through careful planning using whole school concepts that are chosen following the pupils’ interests. Opportunities have been identified to offer meaningful learning activities which allow pupils to develop the skills, knowledge, and experiences they need through purposeful themes and real-life contexts.  The pupils will gain opportunities in the realisation of the four purposes and acquisition of the integral skills that support them. These skills will be developed and extended through a variety of adult-led and independent activities.

 In Crymlyn Primary School, we understand that progression in learning is a process of developing and improving skills and knowledge over time. Pupils’ progress within our curriculum building upon previous learning. By using the same themes throughout the school the pupils can develop what they know and can do, through deepening and broadening their knowledge and understanding, skills and capacities, and attributes and dispositions. This is also reflected through the four purposes, their integral skills and the cross-curricula skills. Progress for learners will be underpinned though these principles

  • Increasing effectiveness
  • Increasing breadth and depth of knowledge
  • Deepening understanding of the ideas and disciplines within the Areas
  • Refinement and growing sophistication in the use and application of skills
  • Making connections and transferring learning into new contexts

All pupils will be given effective feedback either verbally or written so that they have a clear idea of individual progress and what they need to do to improve. The feedback will be completed by the teacher, teaching assistant and, where appropriate peer or self-assessment strategies will be used.  A range of assessments will be used by the teachers, both summative and formative, to record and evidence the progress that the pupils are making and to indicate where they need to go next.

The curriculum will be kept under review by the Governors and school leaders to ensure it meets the design requirements.  Our curriculum will be revised, as appropriate, at any time if it no longer meets the design requirements. Any changes will be made in consultation with stakeholders.